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Last month, Girls in Tech Seattle partnered with Smartsheet, a local startup, and Kal Academy, a non-profit bringing awareness and affordable technical education to women, for an event – “Hack the Workplace” – with featured speaker Kristin Toh Smith.

Instead of a traditional panel where audience members sat and listened to people talk from only their own experiences, Kristin decided to make this talk much more interactive. Everyone gathered around Kristin in the kitchen and talked about their experiences in negotiating. Kristin walked through different scenarios of negotiating, and had everyone practice each scenario.

The biggest takeaway from the activities and the event was that interviewees needed to avoid being the first one to say a number. Recruiters will want to negotiate as much as possible. Get what you’re worth, and be transparent with the company. Depending on your relationship with the recruiter or hiring manager, ask them how much they truly think you’re worth to the company. It’s a kind of transparency that might initially surprise recruiters/hiring mangers, but can prove to be rewarding.

At the end of the event, Kristin signed the book she had co-authored. Proceeds from the book went to Kal Academy.

A big thank you to…

  • Smartsheet for the venue, and the wonderful folks there that helped make the event happen! They’re always looking to hire bright people – check out their open jobs here.
  • Kal Academy for being a great partner to work with – they’re always hoping to sponsor more women in the program, so please donate to their cause here.
  • Kristin Toh Smith for her presence and the thoughtful and engaging talk she delivered. Learn more about her book, and  buy it from Amazon here.

For now, happy holidays from Girls in Tech Seattle! We’ll be back in full force in time for the new year.