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Reblogging from the Girls in Tech site, here’s a recap of the Girls in Tech Seattle Summer Mixer !

Girls in Tech Seattle has taken off, and it’s quite a site to see! After an impressive virtual reality launch event, GIT Seattle hosted a summer mixer, sponsored by Microsoft Women in DX, for an opportunity for a more intimate get together with the Seattle tech community. More than 40 people attended the event—more than 90% were women. Not only are we thrilled to see Seattle embracing Girls in Tech, we’re overjoyed at the interest and support from so many who have offered to volunteer. For that, thank you—keep an eye out, as we’ll be hosting another meetup in just a few weeks to organize the troops.

The Seattle mixer kicked off the event with an overview of the partnership between Galvanize, Girls in Tech and the Microsoft. Then, the team launched into a very authentic panel discussion with Jim Brisimitzis, GM of US Startups at Microsoft and Jason Walkerden, Global Diversity & Inclusion Manager. The evening’s topics included how to make headway around diversity challenges, hiring best practices, and team building and leadership. In particular, Jim and Jason discussed the importance of being aware of unconscious biases, leaving the entire audience with a lot to consider.

Girls in Tech hosts a lot of events, both at the corporate and chapter levels. But these types of intimate discussions are some of our favorite. These events encourage truly thoughtful discussion to emerge. It’s an opportunity for candid, real and unscripted discussions to flow. The Girls in Tech Seattle team received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees.
“The event was attended by a diverse group of members from the Seattle tech community across startups, enterprise and university students. We had a solid mix of ethnicity, backgrounds and interests,” said Sonal Mane, Girls in Tech Seattle Manager Director. “The panelists brought their personal stories to the audience, leading to a hearty and deep discussion, busting the unconscious biases we all carry.”

Girls in Tech Seattle would like to call out Sara Clayton and Jennifer Griffin. They both worked tirelessly through the event. They also helped with marketing and PR prior to the event. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.

What’s next for Girls in Tech Seattle?

Next up: Girls in Tech Seattle will be hosting an intimate dinner series called Dinner Dialogues on Diversity. The events will feature select technology leaders from the Seattle community and focus on initiatives across the academic, entrepreneurial and enterprise ecosystems. Details to be announced.