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Last week, we hosted our first-ever Women’s VR/AR Create-Athon in collaboration with the Seattle VR/AR Collective, which was a resounding success! We’re proud and happy to share that this event was featured on the Girls in Tech global blog!! Read all about it here.

We wanted to follow this event up with a one of a kind ‘Summer Mixer’ that would allow the Create-Athon attendees (and first-timers!) mingle and meet with fantastic people. Girls in Tech is an organization focused on bringing diverse perspectives to the table and we’re inviting people of all genders and backgrounds to join us! 🙂 Often, we find that diversity topics are passionately covered by women with a handful of men. As such, we decided to turn the tables and have two amazing leaders from Seattle’s tech community who will join us to share their experiences and journey!

For this mixer, we’re delighted to have Jim Brisimitzis and Jason Walkerden, we’ve included their bios below. We look forward to seeing you at our Summer Mixer!


Over the past year, Jim has build a diverse team which is split 50-50 in terms of male/female ratio. His team comprises of members with diverse backgrounds, a global footprint and a variety of mindsets & experiences from journalism to the military. Jim will join us to share about this leadership journey around building diverse teams! 

Bio: Jim leads startup community engagement and evangelism for the Microsoft US subsidiary. Jim engages and works with startup partners to foster entrepreneur-friendly programs that scale both in nature and high-touch. He manages a teach of startup technology evangelists to create relevant outreach programs and initiatives in key metro areas across the US. For the summer mixer, Jim will discuss how to build diverse teams.



Jason has crossed continents and work culture and partnered with several business leaders to build for diversity as part of the culture of an organization. For the summer mixer, Jason will share his personal journey and stories of workplace experiences that most of us can relate to. 

Jason Walkerden is a Senior Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager who  believes in equality, equity and opportunity for everyone. With over ten years at Microsoft both in Australia and the United States he partners with business leaders to drive diversity and inclusion initiatives into practice. Jason approaches culture change with a business lens having spent his career in sales, program management and human resources and believes that we each have a responsibility to be ally’s for one another.  Jason brings Board level experience in Employee Resource Groups to his daily work driving expansion, support and development for under-represented people in the workforce. Outside of work Jason spends time with his husband and dog socializing, travelling and participating with non-profit organizations.