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The tech scene in Seattle has been undergoing explosive growth. In addition to Microsoft and Amazon’s larger-than-life presences, tech companies like Google and Facebook have been moving up north.

Seattle’s rapid growth in tech has also ushered in many new women in tech-related organizations local to the Puget Sound area, some of which include Girl Develop It Seattle, Startup Chicks Seattle, Seattle PyLadies and more.

With all of these fantastic organizations out there, we thought we’d showcase as many active organizations as we can. If we missed you in this list, send a quick note to [email protected] so we can add you.

In no particular order…

Anita Borg Institute Local (ABI.Local) Seattle
ABI.Local Seattle is part of an international, newly-launched network of local communities created to help further the mission of the Anita Borg Institute, a non-profit dedicated to advancing women technologists. ABI.Local will offer meetups, codeathons and promotion and participation of the annual Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

Django Girls Seattle
Django Girls is an organization that hosts free Python and Django workshops and creates open sourced online tutorials.

Girls Develop It Seattle
Girl Develop It is a US-based nonprofit organization that provides affordable programs for adult women interested in learning web and software development in a judgment-free environment. The Seattle chapter hosts weekly study groups and meetup events.

Seattle PyLadies
PyLadies is an international mentorship group with a focus on helping more women become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source community. The local chapter holds weekly hack nights and monthly talk nights centered around Python.

Startup Chicks Seattle
Startup Chicks Seattle is an organization that brings together a community of female founders all over the world. Events at the local chapter involve meetups at a variety of start-related events including Startup Weekend, Geekwire Pitch Day and more.

Women Who Code Seattle
Women Who Code Seattle is a chapter that is part of the international non-profit organization, Women Who Code, which is dedicated to inspiring career aged women to excel in technology careers. Most recently, this chapter hosted the Women Who Code Connect Conference, held at Galvanize Seattle.